Why choosing us?



More than just a nanny catering for your child’s basic needs, you are looking for a stimulating environment and quality follow-up for your toddler? The Jardin d’Eveil has been created for parents like you!


Welcoming a maximum of 10 toddlers from 10 to 36 months under the attention of 3 adults, a Micro-crèche is a human-sized French-speaking day-care nursery offering an individualized and privileged care.

This limited group size and the quality supervision ratio of 1 adult for 3 children allows the implementation of daily different awakening activities that are adapted to each child's specific pace and needs.


The pedagogical team, lead by a graduated and experienced early-childhood educator along with a trained health & hygiene assistant, ensures a close individual follow-up with parents to build the necessary link between life at home and at the nursery.