Who are we?



Le Jardin d'Eveil is a French micro-crèche opened in 2014 in Phnom Penh. Convinced that at their young age, toddlers need individual care in small groups, and the following-up of certified educators, we have created a space that follows the standards of the French micro-crèches.


Everyday, we offers a high-standard awakening and socializing space for toddlers from 10 months until their admission in Kindergarten.

What is a French micro-crèche?


  A small group: Maximum of 10 toddlers enabling a high-quality care respecting each child and a close daily follow-up with families.


  A certified early-child educator (DEEJE French State Diploma) matching with French health & safety policies and requirements, and specialized in active early-childhood pedagogies (Steiner, Montessori)


  An engaging environment: minimum 2 awakening activities are prepared per day - Close daily follow-up with families on each child's development and pace (Loczy pedagogy) - Collaborations with music, art and dance certified teachers - Partnership with the French Institute - Monthly Parents-babies activities


  Strong focus on sustainable development: safe non-toxic supplies, organic food, all-natural cleaning policy, eco-friendly hygiene products.